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SHOCKING Video Interview:

Oleg puts all 100k prize money into FX Cash Printer Trading

+ A Big Surprise from Oleg! (First News AI Trading Robot)

3 weeks passed since the Epic victory of the first Forex Sensation Championship and it's time to re-visit our Champion to see what he is up to! We flew all the way to the beautiful historical city of Riga, Latvia where our champion Oleg resides to find out his plans!

After the tremendous assault on the Forex Sensation super bot licenses, we were left dry of licenses and had to close but we couldn't let you, guys, just hang in the void ...

We met Oleg one more time and convinced him in person (he wouldn't budge on the phone) to let us sell you more money making bots..

He did.. under one condition.. if we'd bundle our own internal programmer work with him.. So doors reopen for probably 24-48 hours only, who knows, till the last 100 licenses are gone.. Hurry up!




Artificial Intelligence

The key feature of the Forex Sensation update is the new completely innovative strategy developed by the championship winner Oleg. He initially planned to use this strategy for the 2014 Forex Sensation Championship but decided to release it early for our clients only.


Strategy Backtest 99% Quality

The new strategy boasts a unique artificial intelligence development with a semantic core to analyze news releases real time and place trades based on this analysis using a special news scan formula. We remain loyal to our promise making this update with the new trading strategy available completely free of charge to all existing Forex Sensation customers!

Members Update with a new strategy is coming free of charge after November 7th! Reserve your copy today, and get an update for free!

Oleg in Riga


We have received an open letter from Oleg the winner of the competition and we wanted to share it with you.

Oleg's Letter

Oleg is really one of the nicest competitors we had and communication with him is outstanding.. The "news" trading part of the robot has been already integrated and forward tests as well as backtests show AMAZING returns!


Full 4 Strategy Backtest: 1436% NET Profit.

4 Strategies Backtest 99% Quality
The file size is 3.23 MB so it might take some time to be loaded.



The Legendary Winner Robot Forex Cash Printer

+ Ultimate News Trading AI Strategy (included)

+ the Runner-Up second place bot at no extra cost! (Free!)


Warning! Final 100 1 licenses counter. Once these are gone, there will be no more sales reopenings and negotiations. Oleg made that very clear, as he plans to trade with his robot his winning balance of 100K and too many licenses might compromise the trading!

Payment methods

Business Verified Seal

P.S. That's right, the full winning robot is included + the runner-up second place bot at no extra cost! That's the only chance for you to get access to the real fully verified robot which is battle-tested on live accounts! Don't delay as the offer will be gone soon!

Myfxbook verified


Discover The Next Big Forex Sensation

The Only Forex Robot That Could Not Only Sustain
A Full 3 Month Battle on Live Account But Also Blew All
The Competitors Away by Generating Astonishing
215% REAL MONEY Profit

Scroll down the page slowly to see the magic!
784 Submitted Expert Advisors
29 Qualified Contestants
One Winner





Oleg Zadorecki
Oleg the winner



Oleg was kind enough to take a really quick flight and meet us! He struck us with a very inquisitive, intelligent, and a little bit "quirky" personality. Watch the video!

  • Oleg is 27 years old. He started off in Forex at the age of 21 while doing his college homework on currency markets.
  • Oleg is from Latvia. The local hyperinflation of the 1990's is one of his brightest childhood memories related to the world of finance.
  • Oleg is educated in economics, communication technologies, and legal studies. He believes a combination of the three is an ultimate path to success in the modern world.

  • It took Oleg roughly 10950 hours to develop Forex Cash Printer, including the time spent on coding, testing, bug fixing, and introduction of improvements. If you paid him an average IT wage of $20/hour, his work would have cost you a total of $219,000.
  • Forex Cash Printer consists of 5347 lines of code making it one of the most sophisticated fully automated trading algorithms ever developed.
  • Oleg's kitten grew up and had its own baby kittens over the period of the Forex Cash Printer development. :)



+215% PROFIT

LAST UPDATE: 15.10.2013 13:00
  • NET Profit:
  • Trades:
  • Accuracy:
  • Strategy Risk:
  • Verify on



We are glad and happy, and the first testimonials are rolling in of some great trades.. the gold rush is coming..

BUT.. BUT.. there are some doubters out there, so we decided to let the cat out of the sack and give all our partners, visitors and traders the Card Blanche..

We open up completely 100% transparently and release

The INVESTOR LOGIN & PASSWORD so you can enter and verify yourself each trade made by the winning bot.. to see everything truly is 100% legit and that the future of these bots is bright and clear.

Investor Password Instructions Here

Amazing results!

Don`t be left behind and don't let doubters drag you down.

It`s up to you to make the right choice .. right now! Click here to Grab a Copy of the winning robot!

We are glad & proud to have seen such powerful robots come to fruition and Oleg deserves the 100K!





USD 4,500

(according to Oleg's development costs and time put into it)

NOT USD 2,000




USD 987

USD 4500



USD 398



And to make this package a truly


We were able to contract the runner-up
Y-combination bot's creator Yegor



LAST UPDATE: 15.10.2013 13:00
  • NET Profit: $15,244.46
  • Trades: 176
  • Accuracy: 82%
  • Risk: High

Fully included in the price

That's right, number 1 AND number 2 for a one-time fee of 987 USD only with a full 60-day money-back guarantee.. just send in your trading statements and receive a full refund..

These robots have performed great for 3 months during live money testing and have the most stable performances ever seen with robots as they were chosen out of thousands of contestants (pre-screened)

Do not delay, a "Page unavailable" sign could appear any moment as we have only a limited contingency of copies available (contracted with both developers!)





The Legendary Winner Robot Forex Cash Printer

+ the Runner-Up second place bot at no extra cost! (Free!)


Warning! Final 100 1 licenses counter. Once these are gone, there will be no more sales reopenings and negotiations. Oleg made that very clear, as he plans to trade with his robot his winning balance of 100K and too many licenses might compromise the trading!

Payment methods

Business Verified Seal

P.S. That's right, the full winning robot is included + the runner-up second place bot at no extra cost! That's the only chance for you to get access to the real fully verified robot which is battle-tested on live accounts! Don't delay as the offer will be gone soon!


Forex Cash Printer Results

Oleg Zadorecki
Oleg Zadorecki

Oleg Zadorecki
Short Bio:
A graduate of three universities and a son of an aerospace engineer, Oleg has been taking particular interest in advanced mathematics - namely, in differential equations and applied calculus, successfully implementing their concepts in fully automated algorithmic trading. He maintains a scientific approach to Forex, determining mathematical regularities and steady repetitive patterns to predict the market’s behavior.
Around 6 years of cumulative Forex trading experience. Four years of creating trading systems in Easy Language and MQL4, six years of using Fortran in the financial statistical analysis.

Featured Interview:

Meet Oleg Zadorecki, Cash Printer developer!

In this interview you will find out:

A graduate of three universities and a son of an aerospace engineer, Oleg has been taking particular interest in advanced mathematics - namely, in differential equations and applied calculus, successfully implementing their concepts in fully automated algorithmic trading.

Oleg gollows a scientific approach to Forex, successfully combining math and trading over the past years. His robot, Forex Cash Printer, runs on the market's most popular trading instrument - the EURUSD pair.

Oleg emphasizes on the importance of an algorithm's robustness over the course of many years based on solid statistical analysis. Will he be The Next Forex Sensation?

Tell us what you think in the comments on his robot's trading page.

Bin Zhang
Where can I buy this Robot?
System Admin
@Joe Holender: Our software works only on MT4 at the moment. It doesn't support MT5.
Mark Reardon
Jenny, I spoke with Oleg and under the rules of the competition he has no access to the trading account once the EA is set up. No he cannot close trades manually or make any changes during the competition period. There is no way that Oleg could close trades manually or interfere in any way after the competition started. Those were the rules.
Joe Holender
Dear Administrator. I am just starting my journey with this interesting game. Now I have to choose between MT4 or MT5 to download from FXChoice. I allways prefer to use newer programs, but in this case I want to ask if it is maybe better to utilize MT4? Joe.
Well. During these two weeks of trading the Extended version traded better than original...it had more successful trades! Some small losses happened and then recovered with profits! No EA can trade without losses. It was nice for 3 month and then lost a bit - not a big problem at all!
System Admin
@Lily: Yes, he sent it to us recently. It's just appeared on the website.
Dick Hong Alvin Ho
started trading for 3 days, and have a 3% ROI, it's just great

i also suggest that you should make a forum, so that oleg, forex sensation staff, and users can help each other better

best regards
Curtis Brough
BTW this is a great EA.
I'm surprised the licenses have lasted this long.
I had some great wins and a couple small losers.
Awesome trade last night, think it was a new S4 trades.
Oleg's Open Letter has no date, is it valid ?
System Admin
@Curtis Brough: In general, December is dangerous, but not that much to disable trading. Our news safety system will disable EA if needed during dangerous news.
Curtis Brough
@System Admin
Do you recommend trading through December?
Should the EA be turn off at any stage?

System Admin
@Chris: This is true, last several trades, blocked by news filter was profitable, however newsfilter makes trading Long Term more profitable and less dangerous. That is why it was implemented. You can make a backest to see.
Guys, to get more trades you can turn off the news filter. I'm in profit even with 3 losses in a row in the past! Nice EA, but bad time now, I think news AI strategy will help a lot...
System Admin
@Curtis Brough: We don't recommend to use same risk settings as Oleg used during the competition due to high risk of losing a lot, especially during such dangerous period for all EAs.
System Admin
@John: Yes, News trading strategy will be available for all customers, because it is a part of Forex Sensation and Forex Sensation Extended. You can have a look at the backtest here: http://forexsensation.com/statements/s4.htm
Curtis Brough
The new strategy sounds awesome.
That with the extended version I wonder what percentage it would make per month with same risk settings as the completion.
I'm starting with a small account but will be adding to it into the new year
I'm not sure how it will trade in December, market might be too flat.
I hope those that purchased first round will receive the news trading robot too? Sure hope so...
Thanks for opening doors, will join now .. i was preying it will happen.
really good interview, OLEG!!! thanks for the winner!
So far so good. i first traded on wrong account type "classic" and got 1 small losing trade. then i switched to ECN last week and got a winning trade.

i plan to use one more license on ECN only at myfxchoce!
finally reopening!!! please keep the ddors open at least for a week, i am almost funded my card , will join soon!!!
John Chin
where can we get a copy ?
I was going to purchase, and found out it is sold out, such a big disappointment. Please please please do everything you can to give us a chance to get a copy of it, please
hello friend, only now my credit card this rectified, would very much like to have bought the EA, but unfortunately could not. I wonder if it will come out new licenses for the robot, and has been forecasting. Thank you.

Maria Pavlova
Anybody knows what the investor's password is for FXChoice account? I can't find it.
Please don't close sales so fast!!! I need one more week to load my CC and I am ready to join too! Maybe 2 extra copies?
CLOSED out? oh no, please no, i did not have time to fund my acc to buy. please please reserve a copy for me, i was waiting for hthis 2 weeks!!! how can i reserve a copy??
System Admin
@Jim: spread is below the critical size, but with such high spreads it's a probability that the same trade on our account and your account will behave differently. And it's even possible you will have a losing trade because of this, when we will have a winning trade. We highly recommend to use ECN accounts on your or our recommended brokers to solve problem with spreads and have fun of getting new profitable trades with our products
Hey guys. Just solved trades missing problem with support: the reason was my account type. It was classic with high spreads, but for Cash Printer it's required to have the lowest spreads possible. Now I've changed to ECN and waiting for new trades! My friend has same problem on FXDD, his spread was 2.3 ! I prefer 1 and lower.
System Admin
@Ahmad Al-Marzouq: There's no need to use both standard and extended versions simultaneously. If you purchased extended update - you should use only Extended version on two currency pairs. Very Important: Do not forget to user .SET files during the installation to set correct settings for different pairs.
Ahmad Al-Marzouq
Can I use standard and extended versions in one account or they should be in separate accounts ?
System Admin
@Aniruddha Sharma: you can use only EURUSD on standard version and EURUSD+GBPUSD on Extended version.
Miko Leon
I never expected I'll be able to make back the price in only few days, but I did! Best investment of my life!
Michael Jancius
This is amazing, thanks Oleg!
John Tovar
so much wins and not a single loss so far, simply best EA ever made!
hey guys, i just received newsletter ...

Make sure you switch your Myfxchoice account type to ECN type to make sure you get low spreads. If you dont do that your results might be worse than other guys!

GL! lets win!
Bob Hunt
Best EA ever created, and it works for me. Finally I found the real one and it's making me some crazy money
James Lee
The results are simply amazing - traded for a day and came back to get a second copy!
Glisten Smith
So how much profits you people got? I already have over 1k on my 20k account!
Madani Munda
Hi, guys!
Tahnks for releasing the robot! I like it so much so far! Great work!
Edward Garcia
I was lucky to get this in time and gained so much already!
Thanks for this opporutinity!
@those asking investor pass, look again, they already revealed it, the acess is in the middle of the salespage!!! good job oleg!
Aniruddha Sharma
can I user other pairs e.g. GU/UJ/UCHF with the basic version or only EU
Rey Hen.
good start for me too. i missed first 3 days because of my stupid bank delay but finally i get going .. hehe
no freaking way, already 6.62% UP in just 3 days! Love when the plan comes together. keep winning Oleg!
i thought it's a SCAM but they gave me investor password and it is legit. i bought the robot 3 days ago and already got 2 winning trades.

seems like a way to go! oleg congrats BTW!!! you ROCK!
System Admin
@danilo gravina: Yes you can
danilo gravina
can you only use eur/usd with the robot?
Rogelio Avant
i am 7.5% up in just 3 days, impressive start for real!!!
Gökben Zor
can you add live myfxbook links to follow trades
danilo gravina
Hi All,
Will be purchasing the Forex Sensation tomorrow!!
I am excited as well as a little nervous!!

Any heads up...
Gregory Watson
Almost 3 year backtest:
Impressive robot
Two trades in one day and two wins
I certainly like it's trading style
Joel Kappes
Got only one trade so far... it was a great win! Can someone tell me how to get even more trades?
Marco Santini
What I like the most about your EA is that it is stable and handles any market situation quite well. You did a really great work on this one
Victor Garcia
Solid performance, not a single loss yet, and already almost 15% up on my 20k account
William Rovira
Best EA I've ever seen! Great results in competition and now in my account too!
Jose del Pino
Three operations so far and all have been successful, a great performance, I hope to continue even better with the passage of time.
System Admin
@Anthonio Anthonio: To be able to download Extended version you have to purchase it after the standard version as an upgrade. Please contact out support in case of more questions.
Nabil El Aabdin
yesterday was no trade 21 October right ?
Mark Adams
At last a trustworthy robot released to public, I already had some trades with it and all are wins. Now I am considering increasing the deposit size, its the real deal, people!
Leo Calabrase
Thanks for finally releasing it! I've been watching the performance almost from the start and knew it will win! A 100% per month is the best result I've seen!
Tony Bianchi
Best robot so far, it already generated me more than all other I bought before this one combined. I hope it will continue like this for at least a year.
Steve Moore
In just two trades I am already about to cover the cost of the robot!!! The performance was unbelievable until I saw it on my own accounT!
Tom Haley
Got three trades by now, and they are exactly as good as the EA performed in the competition. Thanks, Oleg!
Taylor Locker
Installed it before weekends but only got my first trade now, and it's great!
System Admin
@Ammar Amara: You should contact our support team and send your chart screenshot there. TP is a Take Profit.
Anthony D
$267 profit on my ive account in the very first week of trading. Impressive..
John Dolces
Will there be new myfxbook statement for the current trading of the EA?
Mr Oleg, thank you so much for this great opportunity to test an EA proven by a real track record and competitive environment!
John B
Trading with FS since Friday, and I've already got my first winning trade. Looks like this will deliver!
I got in the last 20 packages, woohhooo! Looking forward to testing this on a real account

Could you upload backtests of this system please?
As you promised a few days ago

Anthonio Anthonio
where can i find the extended version ? i don;t find it in the member download area.
Ammar Amara
Great results.... but the EA on the chart does not shows the full details as explained in the manual (is it because the market is closed?!)
what are the TP
Now a big problem, yes Forex Sensation declared and proven Investor's password its a Real Money A/C in the championship and also said its handsfree, but Oleg did not declared himself personally that its handsfree. Now we run on our own A/C handsfree as we dont know how to intervene in our trades but in the championship is different ball game altogether that is Oleg can manually close, open, cut-loss, take-profits, place trailing stops which came out good result.
System Admin
@Rolando Seng: Investor password is already released. Check the page above in a greater detail, please.
System Admin
@Lyne: The standard version of the EA doesn't have SL and TP settings so it doesn't require any advanced configuration at all. Very detailed manual comes together with the EA and unlimited support is also included.
Extended version is the upgrade for the standard version of the EA with additional currency pair and opened settings for Pro users.
System Admin
@Alex Patorsky: Yes, the robot works on any broker, but we have recommended brokers list in the members area. Low spreads are mandatory for our EA so you should better use our recommended brokers and ECN accounts.

@K. Anderson: The copy of the EA could be reserved only if you write to our support e-mail and explain why you can't pay right now. We usually reserve the copies for people having problems with the payment for example.
System Admin
@RubenJohn Lao: You can not buy Forex Sensation Extended until you buy the standard version of the robot. It's sold as an update.

@RubenJohn Lao: Unfortunately we can't reveal this information, but the strategy works the same way in general. Get more info in our support center.
RubenJohn Lao
is ForexSensationExtended code same as ForexSensation combo?
RubenJohn Lao
how can you buy just Forex Sensation Extended Edition only?
I know you can only buy it after u both the combo.
Does the EA newbie friendly meaning can a newbie install the EA and set the parameters SL,TP, Lot size and which currency pairs work best? How hard is it to set up? What parameter did you use to trade? Do you offer support? and Is the EA money back guarantee? Some people mentioned "extended version" what is this?
Gregory Watson
Results after 3 days. 8 profitable trades and 6% ROI.
Lawrence Lau
Oleg, I want to mirror the trades from your 'myfxbook' account. Do you have the S3_Agressive setting DISABLED or ENABLED ? Please let me know since I already purchase this EA. Thanks
Rolando Seng
thanks admin! when willl the investor pass be released?
Congrats Oleg and for the other contestansts too!
Has anyone seen the backstest of Cash Printer or Y-Combination?

Thanks in Advance!
Thanks for letting us see the statement on myfxbook. Now I am 100% sure it's true and real, even though the results of 100% per month are just UNBELIEVABLE!!! Already got my copy, let's see how much I make!!!
Gerald Hypes
I certainly can't miss the chance to buy best EA in the whole world! Can I get two copies by the way?
Bob Hansen
Just bought it 10 minutes ago and already have it up and running, my account is ready for Forex Cash Printer now.! Also, can I install both robots on same live account ?
James Hiramatsu
It made more than $300 profit on my new account yesterday, few more days and it will cover the price. Thank you, Oleg!
Nicholas Williams
Installed both of them on my accounts, can't wait to get my profits! It already made a trade on my friend's account, and it was HUGE PROFIT!
System Admin
@Peter S. $500 is enough to trade with Cash Printer. But to get more money you need to invest more.
Adam Latoille
I've been following from the beggining and hoping it will win and it did! Well, so far this is the best investment in my life!
Trevor Walters
Decided to go ahead and buy it today, while there are still copies left, and guess what - now my account is few percents up!
Carl Haley
Got a trade on EURUSD! AT LAST! Now I know it works
Jacqueline Waisberg
Bought and installed Oleg's and the second EA as soon as they become available and now I already have some profits! Best EA I've ever seen!!1
Thomas Marguccio
Wow! I just installed it few hours before and already first profitable trade! Just wow!!!!!
Alan Hale
Got my copy andInstalling it now! Installation instructions are so easy and simple to follow! Just great!! Good job!
Rick Woolery
I bought and installed the robot and extension, yesterday it made
first profitable trade. Good start.
Peter S.
Congrats OLEG on your wiN!!! I'm Interested! How much money do I need to start?
What FX currency pairs does it trade? Will I have a detailed guide?
K. Anderson
Adam Latoille
i'm interested too looks promising!!
i am interested to buy but i want to see Investor password first of the winning bot!!! please!
Rogelio Avant
tiran i am trading it, alreayd got 12 pips proft on extended version, not bad!!!
Congratulations, Oleg! I purchased your robot and am excited to see the results. I watched your interview and I think you are a very nice and sincere person, and I think you will help a lot of people. Thank you for sharing your genius with us!
Pankaj Shah
Hi, I purchased the Forex Sensation today. I know it has great potential, but clients like me who are new to the market want to know that the parameters you followed in forex sensation and Y Combination to achieve this grand success. Pls inform us the parameters you used such as:

- Currency Pair
- Time Frame
- Lot Size
- Did you modify the EA along the way? if yes, which parts majorly?
- Which other currency pairs it works best with ?
- What should be the ideal account size ?
- Any other useful information that you may seem helpful for your users.
How many copies are available for sale? Is the copy quantity is limited?
Admin , please do something. Clickbetter limits and blocks certain countries for purchasing this product. I am from ASIA ( Singapore ).
Does this robot trade on MT4?
Appie Wiese
It's the second time someone mentioned the so-called "extended version". What are they talking about? Thanks Admin...!
Joakin Cortes Junior
I bought Extended version. Already had profit trade on GBPUSD, 300 usd profit. I think, this system has great potential. Also really good idea with Market Allert (news) filtr. Also had some profit trades on YCombination. A this point i am really glad...
I have purchased a copy and run it. Y-Combination had serveral trades,but forex cash printer had no trade at all in these tow days. (I have updated it to 1.01 this morning)..Could you tell me why.
Alex Patorsky
Can I use this robot on any broker (for example Alpari)?
horel adrien

i' have bought Ea and installed ForexSensation
tran dat
Hi, I want to ask: if after I bought this robot, I have the freedom to set the "lot size" at any time I want? and I need to rent a VPS to run 24 hours a day this robot?
Peter Heiss
Kann man die Software von Oleg auch auf dem Metatrader 4.0 nutzen. Kann man als Broker SVSFX nutzen und läuft die Software darauf. Bekommt man von Oleg Updates? Was kostet eine direkte Betreuung durch Oleg. Kann man die Software auf einem Demokonto laufen lassen und die Trades Manuell bei einem anderem Broker Traden. mfg Peter Heiss
Gregory Watson
Have bought both version.
Running on Demo.
Which version was used in the Contest?
Where can I download the Contest set file?
Rolando Seng
i just got the fx Cash Printer thank you oleg and congrats BTW, i am from russia, i know mq4 too , hope next year you do Sensation 2014 so i can apply too ! i do sports trading too by the way!

guys who ask myfxbook link it's here
www.myfxbook.com/members/sensation/forexsensation/723788/sTi0dj0n4hDcYMvbadkn 215.07% profit
System Admin
- User Manual for the robot is available after your purchase. It's very big and detailed to cover any important detail of the installation.
- Backtests will be soon released.
System Admin
@khalid: You can safely put Forex Sensation on $1k account. Yes, robot can trade 0.01 lots without any problems.
From www.forexsensation.com homepage is visable that over 40 copies already have purchased, but haven't any comments about fact using: Bak or Forward Tests on comments area.
Gregory Watson
Is the set file for the winning account included with the EA purchase?
I just asked the support,They say you can use any Broker of your choice.
How many accounts can I use the robot on? Or is it restricted only to one forex account?
I bought this Robot Today, I'm NOT able to get anywere Near the same results as they Show!! I've even tried it on differant brokers and down loaded the data 4 differant times to make sure the data was up to date. JMB9922@yahoo.com Neither of the Back tests for both Robots are even profitable!! I'm Very Familiar with MetaTrader, I've also Optimised the GMT settings and changed every adjustable setting I could also!! They are Never as good when you buy them!!
Rogelio Avant
@Farzad, it's crystal clear lol man, it's their sponsor of course!
http://forexsensation.com/myfxchoice here!
Rogelio Avant
i just finally bought a copy! it's fantastic! Cant wait to run this thing!!!! need to open new myfxhcoice acc first!!! already applied, hope i start monday!!!!!
Chris Hughes
Congradulations Oleg, a great effort and well deserved winner.
yadagiri pandala
Good perfarmance oleg, Congratulations
Yadagiri Pandala, Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh,India
email; p****@gmail.com, 919246825479
May I know which broker we need to install the robot
Congrats, Oleg.
Where can I find the backtest results? If I can see it, I will purchase it immediately!
Congrats for your coding work, Oleg! Enjoy your deserved prize!

Hey guys (customers) I would love to see the configuration options and manual for this EA. I am also interested to see some real account results as MT detailed statements (or on myfxbook) please send me some at this email: *****.it
Thank you ^^
can we use you r Robert in small size lot like .01
what is the a mount of capital to start wit it
have you test ur Robert in anther Forex pair
contact me please c****@yahoo.com
I would really like to buy it after seeing a long term backtest (1999 to 2013). Will there be any provided? It´s surely nice it did so well for 3 months, but this doesn´t tell much about how it handles future or previous markets. It could be curve-fitted just for the current market. Can you show us some backtests please?
fanisi tolulope
congrat oleg...your work paid off.
Congratulation Oleg Zadorecki ! I hope your robot will run as stable as this in future. I am going to buy it now as soon as it released.
Sincerely and kind regards,
Tamirvic Vu
Curtis Brough
Gratz Oleg,
Olanrewaju Akinsiun
Congratulations to Oleg. Admin, before you start making buzz about sales, can you please make the complete trade statement available to members. We need to see the trading history and not just the summary we have in here.. I believe other traders share the same sentiment with me! Thanks.
Monther Abdelqader
Can you show us the full report from your live trading platform please ?
Oleg Zadorecki
I won!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!! Thank you so much for your support, guys!!!!! I hope you'll like my bot as much as I do! BTW, I'm using it personally on my own fairly large live accounts and feel free to also run its tick backtest to check on the strategy's robustness. I'm off to celebrate big time!!

Warmest regards,
Who does know or can to answer - Whether will be published or offered at the sale bot screenshots of account live of trading ?
Where are the most recent results?
I think Oleg already winner!
No results since 11thjQuery19108378465194255114_1381835450551 How do we verify these results?
I will only purchase if there is a money back gaurantee.
Sárközy Attila
Dear Admin!

How and how much can I buy a champion robots?

Thank you in advance for your reply.
Steven Loom
Dear Admin!

When (and) will we buy the 2 TOP of EA?

Thank you!
Mesicsne Kurnyek Zsofia
Hello Oleg!

Congratulation for winning the contest. I want to buy your robot. Please send me details how to buy on kurnyekzsofia@gmail.com
Oleg Zadorecki is genuinly a great EA Master Craftsman of the First Order (A Genius)

The "Forex Cash Printer" EA will be sold with the instruction of optimizing step by step or not? Who does know or can to answer!
The results are shocking to say the least. How could it be that the winning percentage is so high and the EA is on par with a 300% ROI in 3 months!! Please provide a 3rd party link (i.e. myfxbook)to the actual live account to verify the facts. Otherwise, this whole thing is a scam and I hope I am wrong.
Excellent consistent results. My congratulations for achieving a GREAT success. Keep it on you will get much higher success. Please tell me when can I join you!
viana patricio
good performace, im a designer and webdeveloper. contact me, let's do a partnership, or if you prefer just a sale, v*******@hotmail.com


Rogelio Avant
ok please reserve me a copy! I cant come 9am but i will try around 11 after driving! please reserve , i need this ea badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mahesh Kumar
very well performed till now, best EA, well deserved for victory
System Admin
Rogelio, you can get top 2 EA tomorrow at 9 am EST.
Oleg, my congrats! Your robot is really better. Amazing EA!
Rogelio Avant
really great performance and well deserved victory Olleg!!! COUNT ME IN!!!!!!

System Admin
2menachem davidson: You're already added!
System Admin
We kindly ask not to post your e-mails in comments. Thank you.
menachem davidson
can u add me to your mailing list when ea becomes available ***@yahoo.com
Hello Oleg!

Congratulation for winning the contest. I want to buy your robot. Please send me details how to buy on ***@yahoo.com
Siew Lan
Hi Obleg
Congratulation............... FX Sensation Champion.
Please contact me, my email ***@yahoo.com.
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I want to buy yours EA .You are a professional. Sell me your EA.
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tq bro.
Good morning, this is the email I sent to the organization of the championship : Hello, gentlemen you are making a mistake!!!! you have to reward the top 3!!!!! marketing the first 3 robot separately and in package. Assuming that Ed Adamson using the same lots of Oleg or vice versa would have a landslide victory, so let's honor and respect to all 3 as it does in all competitions in the world, at least commercializing all 3 robots, Regards Maurizio.
im keen
Well done.

tell me more when you finish. rremedi@ hotmail.com (minus the space after the "@")
How can i buy your EA ? ( jackal_joke@yahoo.com )
Korneliusz Mackiewicz
Great results man. You are really good !!!
I WANT THIS EA. HOW CAN I GET ITjQuery191045591770485043526_1381722891573?
Anthony Chiu
Bravo Oleg, Excellent.
Dear Oleg Zadorecki,
Championship finishes on 15-10-2013, Organiser is going to sell your EA immediately on 15-10-2013, on the 17-10-2013 there is a US debt ceiling deadline and market is very volatile, can your robot perform as good as it is now with this kind of volatility?
When can I purchase this robot? Looks really promising compared to other robots in the current market. Do let me know when it is made for sale.
Congrats Oleg put me on the list office@cottrills.org
serhiy lutskiv
Where can I buy your robot lutskiv2@aol.com
Monther Abdelqader
Hello, if this EA for sale, please contact me at monther.abdelqader@gmail.com.

Hi, Great and Serious job but we must give great respect to the 3rd Ed Adamson who used mini lots, instead using the same amount of lots he would have won big!!!!! ! Anyway congratulations really for stability: you deserve to be rewarded all 3 first places commercializing all 3 first robots, Best Regards
I am your the biggest fun from the beginning!
Roland Nilsson
When you will sale this robot please contact me. rolana@algonet.se
Thanks Oleg for the information and congratulations on your performance so far and I wish you win the $100K
Have a great day
Pedro Dos Santos
You have a great talent!

All the best for you.
good job, contact me when it go on sale. robinpillay26@gmail.com

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I am number one to buy your EA...please email me putera_kuis85@yahoo.com
Alain Helstroffer
Hi Oleg,

Congratulations fot this very good results... You were very carefuly, I think...


Good luck for the final line !
Curtis Brough
Great job, Would you suggest using in through December.
I really hope that this EA will work this well with our accounts.
I'm interested in buying any EA you create.
Rogelio Avant
i want to buy, thanks oleg! put me on waiting list too!!!
Oleg Zadorecki
Thank you kindly for your faith in me. I really appreciate it. There's still a couple of days to go and any surprises are possible. I nonetheless hope the prize will be mine. :)

I can't sell or give away this bot myself - under the contest rules, it belongs to the organizers. As far as I am concerned, they have plans of making it accessible to the public for a fee but the details of that are yet to be disclosed. So I suggest you stay tuned to their mailings.

this is wonderfull, How do I get this robot? lecturamutai@yahoo.com how much will it go for?
Awesome! Look like the best EA for me
Luis Lopez
Awesome results, great job, let me know when your EA is for sale llopez0410@gmail.com

John Amankwah
At $31,507.38 Oleg has tripled his initial deposit-and more besides,
210% or 70% per month average!
Oleg deserves to be knighted!
Result is great, but what about trading system? What about open trades? Have learned several systems where open trades were up to 70% of the account!!!
When we can buy it
Ghefar Abaza
Great EA results.. Please add me to your waiting list
Email: ghefar.abaza@gmail.com
I wish you good luck, my friend! Your robot looks really awesome!
AND THE WINNER IS BY A LONG SHOT OLEG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Oleg and the Forex Sensation team,

I cannot wait for the release of this robot. Waiting for the final result of this EA by the end of 15th Oct. When will this EA be available for purchasing at what what price? Any trial period or money back guarantee provided? Contact me when it's officially launched for grabbing. froexdemoaccount@hotmail.com Thanks
Great job. How many times a year do you need to adjust the code ?
Can it operate effectively over several years without optimizing ?
I would also purchase it, if it goes on sale.
Hi Oleg.
I so your interview and i was very imprest you talk like GENI.
And your results was the best i ever have seen in all my years in
this fantastisk market call FOREX i love this market from my heard but i never had suksess whit it. So if you se this i very much like to come in contact with you and buy your holy grail of a MONEY PRINTER.
This is my mail adress flam.air@hotmail.com

syed sadiq ali
Hi Oleg,
You are really genius and a great mathematician. I like the results so far. Its really an unique Robot ever created in this world.
Can I buy your EA?
Please reply me to: nasreenfx@gmail.com
Sheldon Gardner
Do you plan to list the winner's accounts on myfxbook? This will show that live accounts are verified. Should help EA sales.

Sheldon Gardner
Forex Cash Printer Robot has truly amazing performance! Will a free two week 'live' demo be available on SkyDesks (www.skydesks.com) ?

Sheldon Gardner
Great job . I'm interesting to buy your EA , or share profit with you , for more information contact me emad.amex@gmail.com
It sounds very interesting and Promising. Congrats Oleg.
But, please keep the faith, the people have in you. If you are ready to sell, please share us the SAME EA, which you are using in this competition, along with the settings you used here.....Cheers.
Great job boy! Kindly let me know if your EA is ready for sale. Also, you mentioned in the interview that there were only a handful of very "stable" EAs that you knew of, care to share what they are?
Many thanks and best regards,
Ibrahim Alkuwari
Great results. Very interested in this EA. Please contact me

Hi Oleg,
Great results man. You are really good.
Can I buy your EA?
Verry Impressed Congrats Oleg, but i am a little confused about this Championship because non of the pesentet Sponsers or recommended Brokers has any Hint to this Web Page or this Championship on her WebSite. Is this only Scam to massivly sell a new expensivly Bot with a spirit of a Quality Argument to gain Customerst? It just look like if yes i think my comment is surely not posted or commented. If no why here ar not a link to a MyFxBook Account so every one can see the Truebeast.
I would liki to buy this adviser.I wish to Oleg victory in the competition. My e-mail: yurymoiseev@mail.ru
I would like to buy this adveser. My e-mail: yurymoiseev@mail.ru
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Bajrang Mittal
really good.. awesome.. i want to buy your EA.. its best.. plz send the information on bmittal@graffiti.net
i really want to buy this...
send info to smetsing@fnbbotswana.co.bw. want to buy also after the competition.
very very good, can I get the MQL4 code of your robot?
Oleg, looks good but still we need proof for another 3-Months whether the Investing Public can make money or not after using your Robot for the same period of another 3-Months. Hope you dont say oh different time period produces different sets of results, thats not the excuses if you are really good at inventing your infamous Robot this Forex Cash Printer.
I had posted my comments, not fair my comments was not put it up here?
Oleg, you should be transparent and not afraid if people criticises you.
Please do upload my comments I posted 10 minutes ago
Oleg, please put my below comments up for investors to read:-

Сглазили тебе дорогой, связи с чем и появился первая убитка за весь период!
I had posted my comments, not fair my comments was not put it up here?
Oleg, you should be transparent and not afraid if people criticises you.
Luis Morales
I want to buy send info to amun99@hotmail.com What will be the cost, I hope not to High.... Great Job Keep on doing it...

Luis M.
Oleg you are special….I love this EA can make so much money, hope it wont loss back the profits to the market by cutting losess.
Hope your robot is maintaining and continue this good performing results after the championship is over where your EA is SINCERELY sold to the general public, not selling a different version of your robot that produces different bad results that will
hurt the investors. You are great Oleg.
Congratulations to you Oleg
Performance champion, looking forward to purchase this EA, banpos@qq.com.
great ea iam intrested in buying it ( kloutri@gmail.com ) thanks
I like the EA good performance,Your EA is very good.how can i buy this EA? krismarc@o2.pl
P. Raichev
With 3 trading days remaining till the end of the competition, my estimate of the ending balance of Oleg’s EA is $32,661.
P. Raichev
Oleg Zadorecki’s EA summary:
From July 15th 2013, up to present time (10/10/2013 11:00 PT) of the competition, 64 trading days have elapsed. The ending balance is $30,975.09. Starting with $10,000 on July 15 2013, the EA has been performing at 1.78226% compounded rate per trading day. That is close to 8,200% annual rate of return assuming 250 trading days per year. Unbelievable performance!
Again, congratulations Oleg.
Very good EA very impressed by its smart trading approach. win loss ratio has been outstanding these few months. I hope it doesn't require " special conditions" for its incredible functionality. like required epos its and so on... congrats Oleg FCP is indeed a sensation.
P. Raichev
Oleg left everybody in the dust. With only 4 trading days till closing of the competition, he is $6,500 ahead of number two contender. It will be next to impossible for anyone to catch up for the short amount of time left. So far the EA has completed 98 trades. Out of the total, 2 are losing trades, one is break even and 96 are wining trades. That translates to 98% wins and 2% losses. Phenomenal results!
Congratulations, Oleg. $100K is within your grasp.
Hlengiwe Madonsela
Impressive results on a single pair, I wonder how will it perform in other pairs...this EA eats pips. and yes can we purchase it now?
Francisco Javier Castro Cordoba
How is this done?
I would like to buy this EA.. Please get in touch at varun879@gmail.com
Mikulásik Csaba
how can i buy this EA? mcs34@freemail.hu
Don Axon
I too would like this EA, I can be reached at dn_xn@yahoo.co.uk
A Big Salute for Master Minds ...
But, whats the guarantee on Sale of the same EA with same settings? If provides ... wow!!
Hope it will not another scam ..
good job Oleg .... contact us when its time...obaroman@gmail.com
Well done. Is this EA for Sale?
Oleg, damn I'm impressed, I bought robots in the past and it were either a scam or just plain BS software, this would bring so much joy if what I am seeing is the real deal, just fed up with BS EA's. I will wait till it becomes available to purchase and surely give it a shot on real account.
You are great Oleg, congratulations to you. Now everyone is putting a very high hopes on your Robot, hope it will perform even in a market crash like the one in 2008 Lehman Brother Crash, the EURUSD crashed 3600pips in 4-Months, I wonder your
Robot can withstand this kind of crash 3600pips in the future.
Hopefully your Robot will be ready for sale on 15-10-2013 immediately the results are announced.
I will buy your EA.
Wishing you all the best Oleg.
Dear Oleg, congratulations to you being number 1. Your EA is very good.
I came across many EAS after few months all profits gone
It's great, I've used many EA, but EA probably will be for a contest, then whether it is in how to market and sell? sure there is a long time to you, congratulations Mr. Oleg Zadorecki a wonderful invention with its EA, we will continue to monitor the competition and expect it to appear on the market after the competition.
how can i buy this EA? tcscripts@gmail.com
vickyl simpl
You are the best. Go for it.
Remember to send me a notification. I want to be the first to use it(vicmkpenie1@gmail.com).
if the EA not for sale . then wthat are we doing here? just collect email list for your campaign?
opiata george
i want a copy of this EA, send information on georgykopiata@gmail.com , what is the minimum account size that this robot can work with, best regards.
Yogendra Mishra
how can i buy this EA, Please contact us my email- info@forex-earner.com
Congratulations, the best EA I have seen in my life, as I can do to buy it?, I look forward to that time, I hope to continue like this, and always welcomes updates according to market conditions.
Very good robot, I think i will buy if the price is affordable as I am just a labourer worker which cannot afford expensive robot.
I never seen such a good robot but I am not sure whether the participants allow to adjust their robot settings during the 3-months championship period, by right particpants should just be allowed to do their robot settings on the 1st day after that they just let it run automatically without any interventions along the way from the participants or EA developer up to 3-months championship period ending 15th October 2013, then its a genuine EA which is performing.
Congratulations to you Oleg.....
10 October 2013
Tunde Samuel
This is just amazing. I am waiting to see the final outcome of the competition.
Nice job!!! Hope you win!
Oh Fantastic Oleg, I want to give you a hug, you are genius in Forex where no one can be like you, in the market world outside full with EA's for sale, all get screwd up after using for a few months or a year, the whole account got wiped out with heavy loses. Hopefully your EA wont be like that, it must be good performance like in this championship for a long long time to come, hope it wont be another scam, I had lost quite substantial of money using EA in trading Forex for the last 3-years using EAs, I had used more than 10 different EA's, for the start every results were great winning profits a lot, after few months all profits gone
Can 2 or even 3 months be considered as LONG term testing? As Oleg said himself he has had to adjust this over the past year to compensate for changing market conditions. Once the competition finishes, and as seems likely this bot is crowned the winner I hope the cost of any updates to the software will be part of the purchase price or at least kept to a reasonable level.
Neels van Zyl
I can't believe my eyes. Out of 95 trades, only 2 end up negative and 1 with no result. That I think is by far the best of what I've seen or heard of. If this robot can continue like this to the end with the same results as up to now, this must be for sure the robot of the future. Thanks, Neels.
This Cash Printer Works very well. Congrats Oleg. Can't wait to see the software for sale
Sensationell. Noch nie einen so guten Robot gesehen. Wäre schön, wenn man ihn zu einem vertretbaren Preis kaufen könnte und er dann weiterhin so gute Ergebnisse erzielen würde.
how can i buy this EA? luigipalm@virgilio.it
I will need to live - it is wel, it is lof money. this fine day to working..
tim keute
I want to buy send info to tspot242@gmail.com
pei wu
Wow this is really amazing EA, never seen something like this. Always getting up, hope can be accesible for everybody for a accesible Price.
And also Hope it Works like here, and tell us wich Bróker is using it. I am interesting, please send me more info. forexya@gmail.com
I want to buy this amazing robot! How hard is it to set up? Please send me information: fx246@rocketmail.com
I am interested in testing this EA! A Great job!!
how come some EA like this one is so genious!!! Awesome
I think this EA is not for sale. Its for private use only after the championship is over. If it is for sale I dont think this EA will works as it is now.

Congrats Oleg
Peter Cernvall
I want to buy this amazing robot! How hard is it to set up? Please send me information: cernvall@gmail.com
Phaik Choo Ong
This EA is really impressive. Excellent performance so far!
May I know the broker that is used by Forex Cash Printer?
Phaik Choo Ong
May I know the broker used by Forex Cash Printer? Thanks.
Amazing performance, best I have ever seen. Will it work on other pairs? When many traders have the opportunity to use it will it degrade its performance?
Don Martin
Is this robot on the market yet?
Congratulations on the precision and ruthlessness in using the lots. Sells your EA, it's worth it !!!!! best wishes.
Under those market conditions .. wow awsome! Looks like i must give this bot a chance! Hope you stay on Front also if all Trades are closed at the end.
Douglas Hoendermis
It is a winner, well don. I hope to see you program release very soon. So that mankind will get the good life,that everybody deserves to have. Sorry to see your English was badly dubbed with a American voiceover.
Andre Allen Marques de Oliveira
It's amazing. I want this EA to. Congratulations Mr Oleg.
Is robot ready to sell ? if so price?
how can i buy this EA?
Topan Redda Hasanuddin
Hello. I want to BUY this profitable robot... Please send the information to redda@kayamulia.net. Thanks...
tumb up bro...nice too meet you ^_^
Clearly this is very impressive and the curve looks consistent and smooth as well. Its a pity that the interview with Oleg was badly dubbed with a cheesy American voiceover. Why?! The guy speaks English, let him speak for himself..
10 X 1.5 = 15, 15 X 1.5 = 22.5, 22.5 X 1.5 = 33.7. That means 50% per month profit which ends at 33,700.after 3 months
John Amankwah
Pardon me, if Oleg
finishes at $33,798, that will mean 237% or 79% average for the
3-month period.
However,$28,000 will be more realistic ie 60% monthly average.
Cash Printer indeed!
John Amankwah
Marius, I have problem with your calculations. If Oleg finishes at $33,798 that will mean 237% or 89% for the 3 month period.

His total gain for the first 2 months was $12,500 or an average of 62.5% per month.

Optimistically, he will finish above $28,000(60%)

fanisi tolulope
@kulvinder singh this type of bot does not carry trade over...its consistency and trade history has proof that..
Dr Roboto
Mr Oleg, observing the results of your EA, I can only congratulate you!
This robot is definitely very promising, but I can not comment further because I have not personally conducted its evaluation of my own accounts.
Raul Benitez
Hi...Why don't you add more trading pairs to your robot?
kulvinder singh
Amazing performance.
Curtis Brough
Hmm it hasn't traded much this week.
I've had a bad run this week myself.
Wonder if it's just not getting the right set ups.
Anyone else having a bad week?
Adam Latoille
So far so good. Still 25 days to go, but if it continues like this it will tripple the initial deposit easily!
Henry Mason
Best forex robot in existence. Never seen results so good!
The 1st month Oleg's robot achieved 46% profit (15th July to 14th of August). The 2nd month (15th August to 13th of Sept) he achieved 53% for an average for 2 moths of 49.5% which is very very good.
To maintain this average of about 50% he would have to finish on the 15th of October at $33,798.
I think he can do that or better. Good luck Oleg... I am really looking forward to your winning this contest.
kulvinder singh
John Amankwah
Sorry, Oleg wasn't robbed.His winning was used to offset commission payable.
Kon Nyuk Chang
This is no doubt the best EA of all time. Please alert me when it is opened for sales. I am craving for it.
Roger Smith
Best results I've ever seen - both in this competition and on the whole market
Trevor Walters
Chris, that's only how copier EAs work, any other EA types are highly unlikely to open same trade even using same brokerage.
Chris, The liquidity of the FX market is measured in trillions, and you're talking millions. I doubt that the users of one EA would be able to affect the market on such a scale.
Graham Bates
Why the extra month? The winner looks quite obvious
I wish I could buy it whether he wins or not... Wonder if only the 1st one will be available.
Chris Hughes
Looking to the future, one potential problem will be the number of people using this EA, say 10000 sold, at 3 contracts per EA, equals 30,000 contracts all opening trades on the same pair at the same time. While we know this is a large market, and one EA should not make any difference, I know from past experiences the smart boys profit from trading against large positions in the market. It will be interesting to observe what happens when all these potential trades hit the market at the same time. The trading history to date confirms this is a great EA, but I would be interested in administrators comments on potential effect of public use of the EA.
John Amankwah
Splendid ! 125% in 60 days of trading
65 trades with only 2 loses.
Oleg was robbed this week. His $24- win was not credited.
Excellent performance so far.
John Amankwah
System Admin
This EA is not for sale yet.
This Bot is good, few trades, few losses, only 1 pair, I really like it and wish he wins so I can buy it. Good luck Oleg
This is so good! It will obviously win!
Juan Ortiz, yess. Different brokers have differents spreads and other stuff. I guess they will let us know what brokerage is used for this kind of results.
Juan Ortiz
When i change a broker differents data broker we have differents Profit?
Anne Quinn
Wow, it is amazing! So many wins in a row!
Maria Tereza Francisco
Results of this are just great. Doubling the account in such a short period!
Curtis Brough
They said the EA will be sold for a price to cover the cost of the comp.
So if they will sell at least 1000 units so the price hopefully wont be too much
Seems very Promising. Never I have seen such long Winning streak.
kulvinder singh
xianqing zhu
wow, very good EA
I have over the years purchased many EA's that in the end fail. this one is with out doubt unique. I think that all people that log in and watch this race to the finish line should get a special price for the winning EA and at the moment it looks like this one.
Curtis Brough
Comp got pushed back a month.
Well I guess we will get a better long term picture of what these robot can do.
I really want to get my hands on it soon.
P. Raichev
In response to comments by Dave:
1. Large positions are not a problem if you adhere to a good risk management.
2. Gaps in the Forex market occur only between Friday (closing of the markets) and Sunday (opening of the markets). The cure is to close any open positions on Friday.
We don’t have enough information about the EA, but may be the robot does just that.

Peter Raichev
opiata george
i wished to see FAB TURBO robot in this competion, who has knowledge about this robot, is it a good one to use?
P. Raichev
Evaluation of Forex Cash Printer EA by Oleg Zadorecki

The competition started on July 15, 2013. There were total of 32 trading days including August 28, 2013 up to present time.
The EA did not trade every trading day. It has taken total of 43 trades (based on the statement).
Contrary to some of the comments (referring to losses in plural) the EA has only one loss of $207.00 on August 19, 2013 (according to the statement).
The performance of the EA is exceptional. The gain per trading day is 2.05957 % compounded rate.
That will turn $10,000.00 into $1,634,683.00 in one year, assuming 250 trading days.

Olegs robot is so good....but the large lot trading will make it a huge disaster if the unexpected happens. Imagine A Gap of 300pips or more could wipe the account. Good performance so far! I like your strategy.
Don Axon
Excellent results, just curious about how it chooses lot size, could it work even better with a different money management system?
Mmm, can't remember them putting the finish line back in the Olympics, I don't think its fair on Oleg and the serious buyers of the EA.
Curtis Brough
I wonder if this only works on this pair.
I really want this EA, hope they don't charge too much for it.
Giorgos Monemvassiotis
The wins are usually bigger then losses. And with this winlose ratio it's obviously the best one ever made.
Dionis Tzilialis
Only few losses and such high gains! Great EA!
Wolfgang Heinrich
It would be very interesting to see these accounts on Myfxbook. The information of the accounts would then be more accurately. The performance of the top 3 is so incredibly good.
Tadu Gumbo
Hello sir, seem to be a Good EA so far, what price tag would be for this EA? Some times good EA can become a bad one after a long used. Is it a same EA like others?
Eduardo Poden
What is this, 95% accuracyjQuery19108465173647273332_1377268541452
The uncontested leader
Cant wait to buy this
Wow, DOUBLE profit in just one month...
GJ Oleg, still going strong!
Sergey Anisimov
Hey, look , he actually had a loss trade finally! :)
Pete Austin
It would be interesting to have a more detailed at this EA
Oleg you deserve to win,for being in the top 2 till now!
Stefan Zinser
Looks pretty good so far. More informations about SL and TP would be great.
John Amankwah
This robot will sell like hot cake.come September 15.
Robert Gunderson
60% in just a month! Unbelievably good!
Tony Wan
Oleg made the best EA on the market, can't wait for it to get released!
jay mayfield
I'm ready to buy!
Michael Benson
This one will surely win, its just perfect!
Almost 50% profit in a month - best EA I've ever seen!
James Lin
There are few losses, but they are so small compared to wins. Great EA!
Cah Gemblung
Seriously? No losses? Wow!
Oleg has been in the top 2 so consistently, that I doubt hell fall out of it any time soon. This either our winner, or 2nd place.
I tend to distrust EAs which trade on trends. I hope this one devastating losing trade doesn't happen to Oleg, he's doing so well so far...!
Kevin Flinner
This system has some very scary drawdowns.
P. Raichev
23 trades without a single loss?! That is truly amazing. May be Oleg has found the Holy Grail of trading.

Juan Ortiz
I like the EA good performance
Jude Catleman
Have been watching this for weeks now. This EA certainly trades better than me, I'd really want to try it.
Fred Jay J
Great trading, and with low risk! Awesome!
Chris Hughes
I continue to be impressed with this EA. Still concerned about TM and exposure, but cannot argue with results. This is a superb record to date, and has negotiated a high risk period with US economic ann. Not sure of EA parameters, who cares at this stage, good luck.
Look like the best EA for me (Y)
Steve Grant
I wish I could trade as precisely. But, oh well, having EA trade more accurately then doing it manually is even better.
Looks like it is doing long-time trades only. Some scalping strategies would be great, but it is still a very good EA.
Ty Wong
Wow, this one is excellent, I can't even decide which one is the best one in the competition!
Slowly climbing to the leader position, the strategy of this one is just about perfect.
Robert Dellia
No new trades today. It looksl ike it has long periods of doing nothing, unlike other EAs.
Amount of trades is not very impressive, but I still like the fact it has no losses. I think I would try it on my account.
Megan Cooper
Laser precision right there. But the lot sizes should be bigger, I think.
Ryan Cooper
100% accurate, it's just unbelievable! I hope you get the prize!
Sara Stukova
Awesome, no losses at all!
William Lee
Will these EA be made available publicly after the competition is over?
Marty Fin
Judd is doing pretty well, but if Olegs EA continues this no loss streak, he will probably beat him.
Olanrewaju Akinsiun
I must say that I have been very impressed with this EA so far, it seem to have a very strict entry setup which makes it trade just sparingly with sure profit and no loss. I guess its better to trade once in a while with sure profit/no loss than trade every minute loosing out on profits made. Thumbs up for now :)
Daniel Kozak
The race between the top 2 EAs seems very close. Two completely different trading concepts, and so close in performance, who would have thought...
Steven Bays
Wow, very aggressive lot sizes. GJ avoiding losses so well!
Is Oleg from Russia?
Still waiting to see a loss trade. This EA is very close on the heels of Judd
Daniel Coronado
Not a single loss so far... hm
Xavier Murtagh
And.... First place again woop!
Best one. It's very closely the second most profitable
Ben Tot
I prefer scalper robots, but I'd buy this one too. The results are too good to pass by!
Impressive results for just few days! This site really has the best EAs ever made!
John Olafsson
Awesome! it hasn't lost a single trade yet!
Olanrewaju Akinsiun
I like the result so far. But MM, not sure how it will handle news time. But seriously looks promising. All the best Oleg.
where r the results ?
Great Robot Mate! We look forward to better results as it seems to be learning fast and well. Are you running it on any other currency pairs?
Roslie Saini Bakar
total deposit for all 29 contestants=USD 290,000. If you total out all the equity now is much less than that. Net is at minus %.
Xavier Murtagh
Absolutely loving this bot. cannot wait to implement it!
Cant wait
mark s
let see how this robot handles news and major market moves, it can seems very profitabel now, when market quite, but how about little bit of waves? or zunami like move eur/usd , couple weeks ago?
my experience with robots, as soon as they make profit, take it! make a withdrawal once a week or something, because tomorrow profit may turn into ashes
Chris Hughes
Very impressive results to date with 100% win record. One concern, if there should be any, is the position size relative to capital. Will be interesting to see risk management and max drawdown allowed by the EA when in a losing trade. I would certainly be interested in following this system through the competition.
Jay Moore
Yet another great trade! The prize will certainly be yours!
Charles Sargent
is there a way to get the trades and follow them live while they are going on and possibly make a few dollars in the process
could you make this robot accessible to Nigerians,they love the performance
Brian Sparks
12% in only few days. I am really impressed!
JN Frank
Great site, thank you guys for this competition. The market really needs a new a good EA
This one rocks! I wish it was released now so I can get those sweet trades in my account too. But, still I am curious how it will perform in a month and if it is truly a long-time strategy
Cletha Muy
Zain Agha, you can't buy it yet. It looks like it will only be released if it wins, which I hope it does!
small catch of pips with big standard lots.... 3.0 lot for usd10k deposit. 10 trades,each with 10pips lose will make your account become less 35% of your capital...really hard to judge in short time..
Nice resume and so far performance...hopely with happy ending result...and buy of course....
Stanley Meinhardt
Looks stable so far, sounds like a winner
i need more month results to test for profits and bugs etc
P. Raichev
Dr. Zain Agha
Where can I buy this Robot?
Bisnis 8000
no losses yet.... thumbs up
Matthew J
I hope it will continue to perform like this and wins
Bharat Tolani
This is a perfect robot for my trading style. A little more trades would be nice though
Martin D
No loses yet? That is one reliable robot
Gabriel Benites
Too bad we have to wait two months :( I would buy this one right now!
Ramon Loya
WOW! 5% up in just few days!! This is completely different from all the stuff on the market right now!
This one looks really promising! Lets see if it will continue like this
No losses yet even under those market conditions!
Very good!
System Admin
Rogelio, you will be able to buy the winner robot. Wait till October 15th until we get 3 months of trading results.
Rogelio Avant
I like you, need more results but i think solid performer so far. will follow too!!! can i buy it?
Adam Smith
Good performance so far!
All my robots lost during 15-18th and this one won
Maybe a good robot finally



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